Over Flanders Fields Minipatch 1.30c released

Posted by David on April 22, 2009 05:31 PM

Over Flanders Fields logoOver Flanders Fields minipatch 1.30c was released today.  Here's the patch notes:

Improvements and Fixes in V1.30c

- Ground fire effect lessened across the board (Ground MG and Flak accuracy and range reduced)
- Ground fire "Realistic" setting renamed to "Hard".  Normal is recommended realism
- Improvement on % rating for settings
- Observer gun bullet spread increased slightly across the board to help with accurate gunners
- Parabellum gunner accuracy fixed (was not variable and too accurate)
- Strutter observer gun down angle reduced
- Renamed Front and Rear Guns settings
- MG Tracer effects improved
- Sopwith Strutter damage model wings strength reduced
- Albatros D.V. and D.V. later damage model tweak (small fix aileron cable location)
- Sopwith Triplane minor damage model tweak

- Thanks Herr Prop-Wasche for XDP checking, Rabu, Winston and Frog for Tracer improvement
In addition to this, the main website got a bit of a makeover:

Over Flanders Fields new website
According to development team member Winder, this will be the last minipatch for Over Flanders Fields Phase 3.  Also, the team is unsure of the future of the mod, since the sales of the last release "have not been spectacular".

It would be nice to see the efforts of Over Flanders Fields continue, and they've done amazing things with CFS3, but I think if they want to continue they should consider moving to a more modern platform.  There is definitely interest for a WWI flight on a more modern (yet aging) sim such as IL-2, as we learned with the recent announcement of Canvas Knights.  Anyhow, it should be interesting to see which direction it's taken.