Over Flanders Fields delayed?

Posted by David on January 10, 2009 11:39 PM

WARNING: The following post is SPECULATION.

Well it looks like Over Flanders Fields Phase 3 is delayed.  Still.  Obviously they wanted a Christmas release if possible, but now there still seems to be a holdup even after the new year.

To make matters more interesting, developer Winder started a poll with this question: Would you be able to download OFF P3 - 3 x 1.2GB files?

That's got some people speculating that the deal with the publisher isn't working out, even though we heard some good news about the physical disks arriving from Winder himself back in early December.

If you've been around since Phase 2, you'll remember that their website used to host all the files, but closed it down because of bandwidth concerns.  And bit torrents?  The team has been adamantly opposed to them because they are hard to control.  After all, who wants people to be torrenting an older version of the files when there's a newer version available?  But try as they could, the files ended up on bit torrent anyhow.

In any case, we'll see the game in some form or another eventually  Just a question of when and in what form.

Update: people seem to be mistaking this post as more than just speculation.  See my latest post for clarification.