Online downloads to return with Phase 3 of Over Flanders Fields?

Posted by David on August 20, 2008 09:23 PM

In the forums for Over Flanders Fields, Winder made a post saying that he's close to making a build for Beta2 of their latest version of OFF (Phase 3).

He also offered some random trivia about this latest build:
-Over 19000 files
-Over 3000 hi res aircraft skins
-It requires 15Gb of drive space.
-With Ultra64 compression we should be able to ship on one DVD.
-Downloads online should be feasible but we will post more info on this closer to the time - no promises

15GB! Sheesh! I'm all for nice textures and such, but considering it's built on CFS3, that's pushing it pretty far.

It would be interesting to see some more screenshots and movies (hint hint).