OFF Phase 3 shots

Posted by David on October 31, 2008 04:36 PM

Over Flanders Fields Phase 3 FokkerOver Flanders Fields is still on the horizon, even though we're being reassured it's coming soon from recent posts:

Just another quick note to say that all is progressing well - much polishing has taken place over the last month and OFF is looking amazing from every aspect - how amazing - well I am sure some of the team will chip in this thread with some screenies or feedback on beta impressions....

Its been a long road for all of us - and we are a very small team.
I am sure we are looking forward to release more than you guys - sleep and family time are becoming an issue!


In the meantime, OVS posted some pics from the beta tests on his lower-end machine, showing us all OFF Phase 3 is capable of even on lower resolutions:

Over Flanders Fields Phase 3 Spad