OFF Between Heaven and Hell: Patch 1.2

Posted by David on February 17, 2009 07:31 PM

Over Flanders Fields PatchOver Flanders Fields: Between Heaven and Hell Patch 1.2 was released several days ago, and includes numerous fixes and tweaks, including options to make kill claims easier, for those who don't care to get that immersed.  I say kudos to the OFF team.  Making the game more available to different types of players is a step in the right direction!

OverFlandersFields_Patch2V1pt2.rar (official link) (patch notes)

Here's the patch notes:

Improvements and Fixes in V1.2 :
  • New Claims options added (see Workshop) for easier claims (less realism factor).
  • Target altitude and mission directives factored in as well as craft type.
  • AI navigation improved.
  • Formation flying much improved especially when player is not leader
  • AI loiter at target improved
  • External Spandau sound improved.
  • Some external craft sounds fixed – SPAD,Se5a Alb DIII and DVIIF
  • Allied air raid siren present at certain Hun fields – fixed, now captured and replaced by ze Hun vun!
  • ‘Home Field’ error expanded to assist non English OS users to get setup
  • Direct to Mission option in Workshops changed – always direct to mission except for CFS3 QC and MP
  • Scattered Clouds skybox smoothed
  • Old CFS3 QC start up cleaned up (no exploders in GUI)
  • Ace Flight waypoints now hidden from CFS3 mission map
  • Bug in Flight Log "next page" fixed - some paging issues may arise if lengthy claims are filled in
  • Leader and Wing Labels added to players flight to aid formation and lead/wingman identification
  • Fe2b Loadout corrected – no anti balloon payload
  • Exiting from Warp and player craft exploding fixed (seen on non-English OS only)
  • N17 Lewis availability in French squads fixed
  • Brisfit and Fe2b crew size changed to 2 in stats
  • Gun firing Force Feedback fixed
  • AI targeting improved, and features for possible future enhancement placed.
  • Gun spread factors split to main and rear gun categories for individual settings in workshops to aid users (optional) who have trouble fighting 2 seaters
  • MP (multiplayer) fixes (OFF Manager able to launch MP properly).
  • FPS improvements (only help PCs that are GPU limited not PCs that are CPU limited - most high end rigs are actually CPU limited in OFF!)
  • Frontline models low LOD reduced to aid FPS over the frontlines
  • DFW set to be a level_bomber
  • Players flight now has to circle the field at least once and maybe twice (altitude dependant) in
  • Campaign missions gaining altitude at start of mission to ensure altitude is reached prior to going over the lines – (Historically correct)