News Roundup (1/23)

Posted by David on January 23, 2008 10:35 PM

I've spent the last couple of weeks preparing for school - I'm going to go back for a Master's in Computer Science, seeing as this Philosophy BA isn't going to help me get any of these tech jobs I have my eyes on! Anyhow, I'll be busy, but as long as there's news I'll be sure to give you an update!

There's been a couple of interesting developments as of late, and mostly thanks to a couple of you emailing me the particulars. As a reminder, anyone and everyone is welcome to send me updates about anything WWI Air Sim related - just send an email to

Down in Flames News
The newest piece of info is that Ken, developer for Down in Flames, has resurfaced, after a couple of months of not answering emails and forum posts. It seems he suffered a repetitive strain injury (RSI) and was told by his doctor to lay off the computer, which he obviously did! Anyhow, we wish him well, and glad that Down in Flames isn't, well, down in flames after all. You can read Ken's post here (Thank you Sean for this update!).

FSX: Fokker Dr. 1 News
Gennadich released the final product - their Fokker Dr. 1 with scenery and all, available here. Check out the annoucement and some fan screenshots here. Most interesting is their new website hosting the content,, and the fact that their short info statement on the site is signed "Your truly, neoqb development team". I asked for more info on their forums, but they're not ready to talk yet! But this looks to be the name for whatever new legal entity the Gennadich team was working on creating, and that has stalled their work for the past several months.

New sim addon: FSX/FS2004: Apparently Abacus has been working on an addon for FSX has been developed right under our noses, but we've heard nothing about it! It IS a shooter sim, but it's incredibly difficult to find any more information on it, even on the developer's website! What's more confusing, lists it as being released November 3, 2007, while lists their pre-release shipping date as 1/30/2008. Grr!

The lack of information, or even a few screenshots, looks to be affecting sales. It was going to be sold by NewEgg, but they've since deactivated the item. You can still buy it at or, however. (Thank you Ron Shutt for this update!)

Over Flanders Fields news
Well, not really news, but a couple months ago James Romano of OFF contacted me with an update. He was also kind enough to send some PDFs of OFF featured in some publications. I've finally uploaded them here! You can view them below in the section for Over Flanders Fields.

Ok! That's it for now. Hopefully this massive update will keep you all satisfied. Nice to know there's new things going on in the WWI Sim front.