Neoqb visits Igromir Expo in Russia

Posted by David on November 06, 2008 10:04 PM

LOFT showing off the game to the public for the first timeAn update on the Russian version of the Rise of Flight blog shows that LOFT is busy promoting Rise of Flight at Igromir 2008 - a Russian game convention that's apparently open to the public.  So this looks like the first time the general public gets to play the alpha(?) version of Rise of Flight!

Earlier this year they visited GameCon in Leipzig, Germany.

There's a few more pics of the convention at the Rise of Flight blog (nothing of the game itself, just people playing).  And they'll be there until Sunday (November 9).  If any English-speaker is hardcore enough to fly over, that gives you plenty of time to purchase plane tickets and report back!  Don't forget to take pictures!  :)