Might be away for a couple days...

Posted by David on November 20, 2008 10:40 PM

Monument Valley, UtahMonument Valley in Utah, photo by bridgepix
Ok, so this entry isn't anything about WWI flight sims :)

I'm going away for a couple days - going to drive from my home in Los Angeles some 700+ miles to Mesa Verde, and passing through Zion National Park and Monument Valley (pictured) on the way!

It'll just be me, and I might possibly just sleep in my car to save money..  But hopefully I'll have a hotel at least one night!  If it has wireless, I'll update as necessary.  If you don't hear from me by next Thursday then I possibly drove off a cliff in Utah somewhere!  Haha.

In the meantime, I'm sure most of you are aware of the much more well-established Wings of Honour.  So check them out for news updates :).

See you in a week!