Leaderboards come to Rise of Flight

Posted by David on October 20, 2009 11:45 PM

Leaderboards in Rise of FlightNeoqb has released a press statement to announce the arrival of their way of introducing a little friendly competition into Rise of Flight: the arrival of leaderboards!

Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War’ launches Leaderboards!

The new Red Baron of the 21st century is perhaps already flying with us, and virtual pilots and guests of ‘Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War’ can now know his or her modern-day name!
A new system of global statistics (the Leaderboard) will be in operation at the ‘Community’ section of the official website of the game. Using universally-collated pilot statistics, neoqb plans to organise cyber competitions all over the World: with both valuable prizes and awards for the best virtual pilots.

Due to your statistics being collected from your constant connection to the Internet, with your points earned by flying on different servers and with the possibility of having up to three game profiles/avatars, the competition is going to be extremely tight, interesting and fair.

The leaderboard statistics will be updated twice a day, and will show the top pilots in the different game modes, sorted by country or by plane, as well as the best multiplayer mode pilots.
In all ratings, including the overall rating, the winners’ national flags are displayed and the first placed winner will be highlighted with a crown.

The overall rating displays the top 1000 players in Career and Multiplayer modes.

In the League Rating you will find the top players in Career and Multiplayer modes, sorted by league. The league tables comprise: the South Pacific League, the Asia League, the Eastern European League, the Western European League, the North American League, the Northern European League, the South American League and the Southern European League.

Aircraft type rating will display the top 100 players in Career and Multiplayer modes, sorted by aircraft type.

Career mode and Single player mode statistics will display the top 100 players in these game modes.

There will also be Multiplayer mode statistics showing the best ‘Rise of Flight’ pilots participating in online combat.

Find yourself in the Rise of Flight Leaderboards! Who is the new Red Baron?
Is it you?