Laser's Quick Mission Builder gets sponsored by 777 Studios

Posted by David on August 12, 2009 09:06 AM

For those not willing to jump the hurdles involved in learning Rise of Flight's Mission Builder, Laser has thankfully constructed a Quick Mission Builder!

Laser's Quick Mission Builder for Rise of Flight

As far as I can tell this is the first user mod for Rise of Flight.  And it's proven so useful that Jason of 777 Studios has decided to sponsor it!
As you all have seen, Laser's post about his v.1.0 QMB for ROF has caused some excitement. To encourage Laser's good work, 777 Studios has partnered with Gabi "Laser" to sponsor his QMB and make his QMB available to all. 777 Studios will work with him to add some more of the proposed capability that he touched on in his original post. Stay tuned for more as development continues.

(Jason's post on SimHQ forums)
Of course everyone is looking for "official" enhancements and improvements to Rise of Flight, but a real long-lasting sim such as Red Baron survived due to its continual community involvement in modding projects and such.  So naturally I think we all want to see Rise of Flight take this same path!  :)

Download Laser's Quick Mission Builder

(via Laser's post at SimHQ, Jason's post at SimHQ,