Aspect Developers Break Silence

Posted by David on July 24, 2004 01:20 AM

...and the news isn't good. Looks like the publisher for Knights Over Europe went under, leaving KoE partially-complete and lacking massive funding.

Unfortunately, the problems with Destineer became worse when they ceased payments to Aspect in the early part of this year. Aspect now has no source of income - unfortunately all contracting has had to be suspended (meaning that I no longer work on the project), and all employees have been laid off. Aspect Simulations itself is in the process of being dissolved..."

Not a good sign at all, but not entirely hopeless. Xeidos2 (John MacKay) posted a message he drafted in May 2004 (!) regarding the breakdown of the situation and mostly its possible futures:

"...So what options does the community have if they want to see a new flight simulation game? Especially one devoted to World War One aviation. From my perspective I see that there are two options open to them. One is what I call the hobbyist development team. A bunch of programmers and 3d artists get together and in their spare time they build a flight sim....

...The second option would be for the flight sim community to set-up a not-for-profit organization. Call it the Society for the Preservation of Flight Simulation, or whatever name people can agree on...

Read John McKay's letter here and Ed Walters' letter here.