Knights of the Sky to support multi-core processors

Posted by David on April 02, 2008 02:47 PM

Just a quick note: VikS of the neoqb team has posted on the SimHQ forum about multi-core processor support:

Quote: Is there going to be support for dual graphics, dual processors etc?
yes, and as ive wrote before - it runs almost twise faster on 2x core CPU than on 1x

He also mentions the computer specs used to make the relatively smooth promo videos:

specs are core 2 duo E6600, RAM 4 gb, GF 8800GTX 768 mb

As an aside, click on that link to the promo videos and you can now see all the videos in their original quality with the help of the DivX web player. These were the videos I previously uploaded to Stage6 before it shut down.