Knights of the Sky July Update - Metz Ground Scenery

Posted by David on July 06, 2008 02:08 AM

It seems that KoTS updates are flowing in at the rate of about one screenshot every month or so now. Better than nothing, though! FlyXWire posted the latest unofficial screenshot: the greatly detailed ground scenery of the town of Metz:

It looks great! I only wonder if they'll be able to successfully integrate stuff like this into the game as a whole. From this distance, the town looks like something straight out of Call of Duty, and FPS where all the action occurs on the ground. Sure, there's a lot of detail in this shot, but how will the game engine be able to handle that, on top of the highly detailed plane models, all those atmospheric effects, and all that air combat action, which tracks bullet paths and applies damage models to planes?

Well, for one thing it means I'll be having to buy a new PC :) But by the looks of things, there's plenty of time to save. There's no word on progress or a possible release data. Also, official game news ceased well over a year ago, and aside from a few minor website changes, a new website with generic placeholder content, and the occasional word from our friend developer VikS (which, by the way, we all GREATLY appreciate!!), there's been little in the way of news for some time now.

But the occasional screenshot like this let's us know they're still (somewhat) alive, or at least looking alive!