Kegetys's GTP extractor for Rise of Flight opens up the game to the modding community

Posted by David on September 23, 2009 12:31 AM

Keijo "Kegetys" Ruotsalainen has released a GTP extractor for Rise of Flight, which is a tool to extract the graphical assets of the game.  This is quite exciting, as fidgety fans of the game awaiting the next "official" update can now convert their impatience into creativity.  The GTP extractor allows them to extract and effectively replace the default in-game textures.

Mods are now possible for RoF. Kagetys, who earlier had a large influence in adding mods to Il-2 has now released an extraction tool for Rise of Flight on his self named website. It allows you to extract the textures for everything from landscape to cockpits.

The extra scope for user creativity will prove to be a great boost for the title.

As a sort of demo of what's possible with this tool, Kegetys has released a tool to replace the graphic for what many players view to be an ugly effect: the "Eye of Sauron" that appears when the pilot is injured:

Rise of Flight: improved blood effect

Download the GTP extractor
Download the improved injured effect

(thanks to Wings of Honour)

Kegetys's website