July 2007 PC Gamer Article on WWI Combat Flight Sims

Posted by David on November 19, 2007 09:12 PM

I saw a post referring to an article about WWI flight sims in the July issue of PC Gamer. I had to track it down, and it arrived today! I've searched for this article online and couldn't find it, so I hope it's alright to post it here.
PC Gamer July 2007 Sim Column by Andy Mahood
Canvas Classics: Third Wire reinvents the biplane

The WWI combat flight sim is back.

Well, perhaps not in a 1990s golden era kinda way, but for the first time this decade, we're seeing a clear resurgence in early-20th-century aerial combar sims. I've written about some of the key players in past columns - notably, the Full Canvas Jacket superpatch for Red Baron 3D, and the Over Flanders Fields full-conversion mod for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 - but as good as these add-ons are (and both are exceptional), each requires a working copy of games no longer in print. Those older titles aren't easy to find (most sim fans don't wish to pay inflated online auction prices), so Third Wire Productions recently delivered a standalone alternative: First Eagles: The Great Air War 1918.

Third Wire's Tsuyoshi "TK" Kawahito is something of a fallen legend in the flight sim community - fans weren't too keen when his pioneering Longbow 2 and European Air War contributions gave way to a series of Strike Fighters-based "lite" flight sims - but the guy still knows his airplanes. First Eagles is Third Wire's first biplane simulation, and the game's beautifully rendered vintage aircraft help fill a significant void in the sim-game world.