Introducing Flying Samurai

Posted by David on October 21, 2009 01:43 AM

Flying Samurai is (so far) the work of four students who are working on the game as a university project.  It looks like they have a lot of the core programming done, and now all they need is the help of the WWI community. to flesh out the rest of the game

In particular, they are looking for testers, historians, blueprint researchers, artists and modelers.  In addition to this, they're looking for photos to help with accurately modeling the aircraft.
The game is aimed towards realism, and while it's not and probably never will be really realistic, it's definitely not meant to be an arcade game. Currently, it contains career mode and single player mode and 5 mission types (ace dogfight, patrol the front, escort & raid bombarders, squadron dogfight; no further mission types are currently planned).

The career mode is almost fully configurable... squadrons, airfields, nations, sides (Allied vs. Entente), pilots, airplanes, map, front, awards, ranks... all of that is configurable, and where it makes sense, a time dependency has been introduced (pilots get assigned to different squadrons, airfields may change locations, front might move; although, currently, pilots only have one default airplane for the whole war).

We're currently working on AI and a network mode (LAN, but will try our best to make it fast enough for the Internet), also working on improving and finishing other aspects (menu, career, graphics, etc.). There is joystick support and there's is a huge, continuous, terrain (500x400 km)
Check out their website and give them a hand if you're interested!

(via The Aerodrome Forums, Wings of Honour)