Incoming: Flood of updates!

Posted by David on June 05, 2008 12:42 PM

You may have noticed things slowing down around here in terms of news updates. That's because of several reasons, but mostly because I've been too lazy to update the code that runs the whole thing. Each news update has taken ten times longer than it really should, but I think I've fixed that now!

Which means.. get ready for a flood of updates for things I've missed out on reporting in the last month or so. Also, I realize I've been ignoring some Over Flanders Fields video updates, so I'll try to get up to speed on those as well!
So here's a preview of some of today's updates:
  • RB3D: DX9 Custom Settings Graphical Enhancement
  • OFF Phase 3 Preview Videos 2 to 5
  • RB3D source code update
  • Down in Flames hits a snag