Hold your horses! Wings of Valor to continue operation

Posted by David on May 15, 2009 08:30 PM

Wings of Valor logo
Last week it was reported that the longtime Red Baron 3D community fan site Wings of Valor was shutting down, as its administrator Chevelle is moving onto another project.

Days later, Chevelle made a post saying that Wings of Valor will now remain open, following a change of hands!
...I am very pleased that someone has stepped up to take on the responsibility of serving the RB community by taking over WOV. They are enthusiastic about the new opportunity and have some nice plans for this site and for ways to keep Red Baron alive.

The transfer of the site has already begun. I will begin pruning the forum in preparation for moving it to the new location. That move will be the last step in the process. If all goes well, the forum should be down for little more than a day while the DNS servers pick up the new IP for the site.

(via Wings of Valor forum)
The new administrator has yet to be announced, but Chevelle reassures us that any changes to the site will be gradual, and hopefully for the better!

In the meantime, Chevelle still has plans to keep working on the 1910 Hudson Flier project, which I'll be sure to try to keep up-to-date on!

Longtime RB3D website Wings of Valor to shutdown