Hands-on impressions of RoF from Russian simmers

Posted by David on September 14, 2008 11:43 AM

A Spad and Fokker in a dogfightStanislav over at the forums at Sukhoi.ru got to visit the NeoQB offices very recently (over this last weekend or the weekend before).  He's one of the few in a group of Russian flight simmers who live in the Moscow area who got to visit the offices and play the Alpha version of Rise of Flight!

For me, probably the most interesting things about this are the words about the minimalist HUD, the realistic gyroscoping effect of the aircraft, and some words about the intricacies of the mission editor.  The way they talk about the mission editor, it sounds like there's a possibility it might be included after all?  I know not including it would be a big disappointment, so I think the NeoQB team hopefully got word of that, and are trying to rectify it :)

Unfortunately the review is in Russian, and even translated, it hard to understand, so I've spent some time transcribing it here:

LOFT met them and showed them around.  The office has several rows of tables for programmers and additional developers.  At almost every table was some sort of Joystick, from expensive ones to cheap ones.  Some desks had pedals?

Spad flying into the sun, with some glare.First they were shown a movie from which most of the screenshots on the site came from.  Flying planes, cars, clouds, sun glare.  The clouds in this video, although unfinished, look cool.  The ground war is depicted somehow - you see shooting guns and get a glimpse of the trenches and barricades.  The forest is made of a great number of individual trees, all which you are able to collide into.

Between missions there's animated clips of some sort - this is presumed to be the mission loading screen.

Then they fought a dogfight - about 4-7 (?) SPADs versus 4 Fokker D.7s.  Without pedals the plane is hard to manage.  Even though dogfights are much closer than in WWII, you still have to shoot slightly in front of the nose of your opponent's plane.  Long-distance battles soon became much closer.

One of the most frequently used buttons became the "reload machine guns" button.

There's no such thing such as zoom for the gunsight - it all uses 6 DOF TrackIR, so there's no need for this.

HUD is much less irritating compared to some other sims.  There's not an endless stream of red/blue/green arrows.

Damage model is very impressive.  Explosions are very natural.  One player damaged a wing tip on his SPAD, and it moved around in the wind, threatening to fall off.

Unfortunately multi-crew aircraft will not be in the release, only AI bombers.

The gyroscopic effect of the rotating engine has a serious impact on how the plane in flown.  For instance, turning right is much more easier, whereas turning left is a bit more complicated.

They were also shown the mission editor.  As far as Stanislav understood from the developers, any situation can be simulated.  If your mission ended with damage to your aircraft or otherwise, all of this damage can be carried over into the next mission.  The editor is very different, as it will be possible to carry out copy/paste procedures to a group of objects and save them, etc.