Great review of OFF

Posted by David on December 13, 2008 05:54 PM

Over Flanders Fields: Between Heaven and Hell is still in the process of being prepared for distribution, and it's unknown if it'll make it in time for Christmas.  At this point I think that would be wishful thinking, so I'm not getting my hopes up!

However, there is a great review in the official forums by "nio", who got his hands on the beta version:

The first three times that I flew in campaign I never even saw the aircraft that sent me crashing to the ground, dead before I hit it. The Team has worked miracles in pumping up the calibre of the AI in this sim to utterly lethal levels. The fourth time I flew, I did get to see the enemy before he did for me. He passed right and forwards of my right wing letting me have a few bursts before he zipped by. I turned my head, anxiously tracking his path as he pulled up and then executed a perfect slipping turn and positioned himself behind me for another burst of his machine guns. As I bobbed and weaved I turned back to see him all but dancing on my tail. Another few bursts and I was done for again. I was sweating.

That is what this sim does to you .It quite simply puts you there. I believe that, as a unique total immersive experience of its genre, this sim may never be bettered.
Let's hope it lives up to its high praises!  One thing that's weird about the review is that there's no comparison with the previous version of Over Flanders Fields.  So it's difficult to tell how much has changed.

Still patiently waiting for my copy!

(Wings of Honour via Sim-Outhouse Forums)