Force Dynamics creates a crazy real simulator experience

Posted by David on August 10, 2009 08:58 AM

Wow.. just wow.  This awesome simulator was designed by Force Dynamics for car racing, but I assume you can use it for flight sims as well?  This is basically an advanced Link Trainer with a screen... for your living room.  And presumably at some high price (they don't seem to list the price on their website, which should be an indication).  Ok, so not for your living room.

Not recommended for people who get motion sickness just playing on a normal setup.  ;)

One thing I would be concerned about is the screen on there. I'm sure it's bolted down and everything, but surely it wasn't made to be manhandled like that?  It would be interesting to see the long-term maintenance costs of this thing.  But since I will never be rich enough to own one, I guess I don't have to worry!