Download Red Baron 3D!

Posted by David on November 08, 2007 02:53 PM

I've uploaded Red Baron 3d to my server for everyone to download!

Included: "1078" official multiplayer patch, RB3D First Aid Kit, and a Glide Wrapper.

Why is it ok for me to host these files here? Here's my quick legal rationale:
1. The Sierra website hosts a free downloadable version of Red Baron II and a superpatch to upgrade to Red Baron 3D (this info thanks to Rüdiger 'Gremlin' Gemmrig at Wings of Honour).
2. The official game is no longer being made and distributed.
3. I'm not profiting from this.

UPDATE (November 2008): The official metaservers are now offline.  If you want to play online, you need to replace C:\SIERRA\RedBaron3D\mplayer.ini with the update: