Down in Flames hits a snag

Posted by David on June 05, 2008 01:45 PM

This is really old news from February, but I never reported on it and I feel I should have.

It seems that progress on Down in Flames is stalled. Ken, the developer, wants to make a quality sim, and no one can fault him for that. But it seems that the highly technical aspect of calculating the realistic physics forces such as lift and drag are a bit beyond what he can do. One man can only do so much!
Ken: Though i've been able to calculate the lift/drag equations correctly... i've been unable to tie them into the plane models. which is 'the make or break' of the game. I have to face the fact that my maths isn't up to scratch. I feel we need a computer graduate or maths boffin (comfortable with quaternions and matrices) on the team. (link)

Several people have offered their support, and other than that there really have been no updates in the past couple of months. Let's hope Ken got the help he needed!

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