Down in Flames is.. down in flames?

Posted by David on January 05, 2008 09:48 PM

Well, good news from one sim (see the previous update) doesn't mean the new year's going to bring good news all around.

It seems that the developer has been absent from the official forums for several months now, and hasn't been replying to private messages sent through the board.

Let's hope he's just intently developing the game, and doesn't have time for browsing the forums! But on the more realistic view, this may well be another dead WWI sim to add to the graveyard (see below). I'll give it a couple more months before coming to a verdict!

In other news, I managed to find a very small-time WWI sim that was made last year called Wings of Honour: Battles of the Red Baron. I even found a playable demo, which I'm planning on downloading.

It looks to be another arcade sim instead of a realistic one like we always hope for, but it's definitely a lot of fun to play anyhow :)