Do you have it yet? PC Pilot Issue 59 (January-February)

Posted by David on December 27, 2008 10:27 PM

PC Pilot Issue 59 coverI wish I could tell you all about the new interview (with pics and all!) with Neoqb in the latest issue of PC Pilot.  But it seems that my local booksellers are slackers and don't have it in stock yet.  Here's a short description of the article:

‘Rise of Flight’ – A new World War One flight sim!

It would be fair to say that with one or two exceptions, compared to other eras, World War One has been largely neglected by flight sim developers in recent years. However, things are set to change with the highly anticipated release of ‘Rise of Flight’ – a new flight sim still in development by a relatively new company – Neoqb. So, having salivated over some of the recently released screenshots, we decided to find out more about this promising recreation of the air war of 1914-1918!
Oh, and on the subject of interviews, be sure to check out my own interview with Neoqb if you haven't seen it yet!