CFSX: Fokker Dr. 1 Scenery, 5 DOF for RB3D, New RB3D Community Site

Posted by David on January 09, 2008 01:42 PM

Gennadich released some more screenshots of CFSX: Fokker Dr. 1 in a post today on their forums. This time we get a glimpse of the scenery!

Just to clear some stuff up: Knights of the Sky will NOT be a mod for CFSX - instead it will be a standalone sim with its own engine. This mod for CFSX is a separate project by the Gennadich team!

Check out some more scenery shots from the update in the gallery.

Also, on the Red Baron 3D front, where the modders never rest, there's some work under way to make 3D cockpits for use for a 5 DOF TrackIR setup. The current TrackIR mod (see below in the section for Red Baron 3D) only uses 2 DOF because of Red Baron 3D's technical limitations.

Oh yes! Also, for several weeks (months?) now there has been a burgeoning Red Baron 3D community site being set up at The front page is obviously not finished (and they currently have an open contest for submitting front page designs, as well as a contest for a new logo). Anyhow, even the link to the forums on the front page is messed up! But here's where their active forums are currently: Go check it out!