Capture the Flag: New Red Baron 3D event

Posted by David on February 09, 2009 10:56 AM

Capture the Flag island mapMurph over at is trying to gather up interest in a new event called "Capture the Flag".  Here's the basic premise:

The object of the war is to destroy all three enemy aerodromes before they destroy yours (one active enemy aerodrome at a time). Each side must start at their number 1 drome and only use that drome until it is destroyed, then they must move to the next numbered aerodrome number 2 and when that drome is destroyed, they must move to the last numbered aerodrome numbered 3.

Basic War Rules are:
War Rules
1) Island map will be utilized.
2) Game format is NFM and available planes are the E3 and Bullet.
3) Each side is limited to 5 pilots.
4) Each side must start at their numbered 1 aerodrome and only use that aerodrome until it is destroyed; upon the destruction of their active number 1 aerodrome, they must then move to the next numbered aerodrome (ie: when active aerodrome 1 is destroyed, must move to aerodrome 2, when aerodrome 2 is destoryed, must move to aerodrome 3). No use of any other aerodrome is allowed for any purpose (not for repairs, landings or otherwise); only the active aerodrome may be used.
5) Any ammo, rockets and bombs may be used any time, any place against enemy planes or against the active enemy aerodrome (non-active enemy aerodromes may not be attacked at any time, for any reason).
6) Only the active enemy aerodrome may be attacked; no other enemy aerodrome may be attacked at any time, for any reason.
7) If a active aerodrome appears to be hardened, the attacking team must request confirmation and a active aerodrome team pilot, of the hardened aerodrome in question, must verify it is hardened and all pilots of the hardened aerodrome must move to their next numbered aerodrome and the hardened aerodrome declared destroyed.
8) No exiting from the game except at your active aerodrome, except if your plane flames (hit "esc" and "enter" if flamed).
It looks like the first run was last weekend (oops), but no worries, there's talk of possibly running it on weeknights.

If you're interested, drop by to get set up.