Announcing a new WWI game and a call for volunteers

Posted by David on October 27, 2008 10:58 AM

(via Wings of Honour forum)

Jan Benes, a grad student from the Czech Republic, and four other programmers are working on a realistic WWI game for their master's degree.  They're looking for a bit of help, especially from artists, historians, and beta testers (I know a lot of you would be interested in beta testing!).

So here's the key points.  There's a more detailed version at the Wings of Honour forum:

together with another 4 programmers from Charles University, Prague (Czech Republic) - we're preparing a WW1 fighter project (in order to fulfil one of the requirements of our studies). We are looking for a few volunteers to help us with some of the aspects of the game.

We seek:
- 3D ARTISTS  ...


We are:
- 5 programmers, all of us in at least the 4th year of University
- past (although not vast) experience in the field of computer graphics, game development, team projects, AI
- serious about finishing it (a larger project is necessary for us to finish our Master's degree)


More about project:
CURRENT STATE: early planning, team building - a lot of things still could change
ROUGH IDEA: WW1 fighter sim, more realistic than arcade (mouse + keyboard as controls), but not a 100% sim, career mode, reasonable AI
EXPECTED DURATION: between 8 and 16 months (finish between June 2009 and February 2010)

If you're interested, either leave a message including a way to get in touch with you here or mail straight to me at jbenes (at) gmail (dot) com and include "volunteer" somewhere in the subject so that you bypass the spam filters.