Albatros D.III for Rise of Flight to be made available soon

Posted by David on August 04, 2009 11:30 PM

The Albatros D.III in Rise of FlightThe Albatros D.III in action
Neoqb announced that their next plane to be made available for purchase is the Albatros D.III, the plane which Manfred von Richthofen (The Red Baron) scored most of his victories in.

"We plan to complete Albatros D.III by the middle of August, 2009. Next week our testers will receive this plane and detailed information will appear in our shop as well."

The addition of this aircraft will make a total of seven eight (thanks Rick) flyable aircraft, with the remaining non-flyable aircraft available only to AI.  And as always, everyone will be able to see the new Albatros in action.  But you have to pay to get the privilege of flying in the cockpit!

Also, if you hadn't heard, I'm sure everyone will be glad to know that Rise of Flight has now been made available worldwide, in Europe and as a digital download!  The wait is over!  Now we'll just be keeping an eye out at all the exciting updates and patches!

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