About my last post on Over Flanders Fields...

Posted by David on January 12, 2009 05:24 PM

Some folks over at the Over Flanders Fields forums, including the lead OFF team member OvS, have gotten quite upset at my latest article Over Flanders Fields delayed?

While I thought it was obvious my post was just rumor and speculation, it looks like it created a bit of a uproar, which prompted OvS to write a letter to the OFF team.  Something about me being hit by a Cadillac?

I won't post the content of my letter to the rest of the OFF Team regarding his breaking 'news' update, primarily because what I wrote was personal (Hint: something to do with a Cadillac .. ) Nor will I point out how far-off from the truth everything he posted was...but I did bring it to the attention of the team, and we all agreed that we will let it be. As he did in the past, it's all non-fact based and to say the least, no better than hearsay.
This was all done without me knowing anything about it.  Had I been contacted, I would have immediately posted clarification that my latest post is in fact just a rumor and speculation.

I make every effort to report facts.  I report on rumors, but I don't pass off rumors as fact.  For instance, in the article in question, I posted this sentence, making clear it was speculation: "That's got some people speculating that the deal with the publisher isn't working out".  How can that be thought of as anything but speculation?

In any case, anyone is free to contact me if I've made a mistake.  A contact link is at the bottom of every webpage on my site, or you can just click here: david.b.calhoun@gmail.com

Let me be clear: this site is entirely owned and operated by one person, ME.  You will notice I don't run any advertising on my website, nor do I receive funds for server upkeep.  All costs are paid by me.  I am not a business.  I don't profit from this site.  I lose money each month due to it.  I lose time each month reporting on the latest happenings (labor of love).  And I am slowly losing my patience with the Over Flanders Fields community.