More news on Abacus CFSX mod

Posted by David on February 26, 2008 09:49 PM

Ok! After having attended WonderCon this weekend (which was a blast, by the way!), I'm back for more updates!

Earlier this month, a developer for the mysterious FSX mod I talked about in my last post, graciously contacted me and gave me some info on this mod!

He said the game is targeted to be finished by the end of February, but since it's been a couple of weeks I'm not sure if this is still accurate. He said it might possibly be in beta testing soon.

Currently there is no multiplayer aspect to the game, but he's just upgraded to FSX service pack 2 and says it may be possible to add multiplayer with up to 24 players, which would be great! However it sounds like the multiplayer will most likely be absent at least from this release.

Here's other things he confirmed:

  • This is a mod for Microsoft Combat Flight Sim X (CFSX)
  • Mod for missions portion of the game
  • AI WWI aircraft targets (English and German)
  • AI target explode or catch fire
  • Rewards and success goals
  • Bomb and torpedo (?) missions to hit Zeppelins and ground targets such as moving ships
  • Will include ground action with playable tanks (this might be adapted for use in multiplayer)